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X-Forces’ training has been developed to give delegates the knowledge, understanding and enterprise skills to be able to decide if they want to pursue self-employment, and what their unique business journey look will like.

X-Forces runs a variety of training courses, either standard or configured to particular beneficiary needs. All of our courses are supported by strategic partners to ensure that delivery is free of charge to the beneficiary. Here are some examples of the programmes which are run:
“The importance of Enterprise Learning and Skills is finally getting the recognition it deserves however I think we can do more. Enterprise, whether you are an Entrepreneur and Self-employed or an Intrapreneur working for another business, the entrepreneurial spirit is vital for professional and personal growth."

“Self-employment is on the rise, now accounting for more than 1 in 7 workers in the UK*. It will be the norm to ebb and flow between employment and self-employment in the future. In our opinion, Enterprise Skills should be part of mainstream education and we are proud that we are able to provide these skills to the Armed Forces Community. Delivery is through our official channels with the Career Transition Partnership and our supporting charity partners, and we all equally see Enterprise Skills as life long attributes.”

Ren Kapur, Founder and CEO, X-Forces

'*Tough Gig, Social Market Foundation, Trust for London, 2016'

To attend X-Forces’ Training click on the button below for our Events and Workshops. If you have been, or are being, medically discharged you may be eligible to attend one of our Platinum Training Programmes. For more information please Contact us on the number below.

Call us on 0800 368 9533 or email us.

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