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Sales – Practice Makes Perfect

Sales = Practice Makes Perfect
1. Include leaders in practice sessions

Sales people always need their leaders to model success for them. Research shows that when leaders are empowering, employees will work harder and more proactively. So, adopt a strict practice regimen like role-playing calls using an AI tool that simulates a potential customer, or role-playing face-to-face on weekly basis. It is a great way for managers to demonstrate skills and bond with their team.

2. Make practice harder than the sales process

Don’t jump to soft scenarios in which the ‘customer’ asks only the easy questions as this can lead to the session being a waste of time. Make real, hard, practice sales calls so staff become prepared for reality. Have reps practice in front of their peers. Don’t help when they are stuck, wait for them to pull through, and don’t let them escape their roles by giving them the answers. Ask follow-up questions until they find solutions by themselves.

Similarly, when sales reps practice hard sales calls without the pressure of having a client on the line, they’re working to fight off an automatic negative response to tough questions. When that real sales call comes, they’ll be prepared to handle it without panicking.

3. Practice the entire sales cycle to the last point of sale, not just the first call

All sales training includes practicing initial sales calls, but practicing the calls that follow is much less common. So, spend time going over the follow-up messages or calls. Good sales teams surpass in all interactions. Even if it seems unnecessary to practice daily tasks like sending follow-up emails, the reinforcement makes task completion faster and more successful, with less effort.

4. Have the highest sales performers practice, too!

Include the best performers in practice and coaching efforts. While the most skilled sales people’s calls are undoubtedly good, a true practice culture means no one should be exempt.

Growing a great company means good sales calls and simple training won’t cut it. Implement a thorough practice program to help your sales people enhance their skills until they’re perfect.

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Continuous customer problems and employee turnover could be a result of insufficient and ineffective sales training for your team. So, we’re sharing some training tips for improving your business performance…

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