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In 2014, X-Forces and Help for Heroes developed a bespoke 6 day programme that delivers support tailored to Wounded, Injured and Sick service personnel veterans and their business ideas.

In the first two years we have supported over 50 servicemen and women through the Business Experience programme and discover if self-employment is the right path for them, and their families.

The Business Experience Programme.

The Programme is currently run in Tidworth and Catterick, delivering eight programmes per year.

  • Discovery day:

This pre-empts an interactive course that develops an understanding and skills, we believe these are life skills whether delegates ultimately decide to go into self-employed or employed or a combination of both.

  • Days 2-5:

In-depth learning for business, gain proven insights and confidence when making important decisions about starting a business.

  • Stand-alone Day 6 brings the group back together after 10 days to reflect on the learning, goal planning and assigning on-going coaching.

Others have utilised this confidence to work within a business whilst accessing a network of like-minded people beyond the 6 day programme.

Each individual is also assigned a mentor that provides coaching, guidance and advice once the intensive course is complete.

For more information on eligibility and registering your interest, click here: Help for Heroes and X-Forces Business Experience Course


This is one of our Platinum Training Programmes which has a number of successful outcomes:

  1. Start-Up
  2. Make the informed decision not to be self-employed
  3. Take up an employed role Hybrid; combine employment with a start-up
  4. Gain further qualifications and training.
  5. Take time to reflect and decide on the right path for you


“Although I was reasonably experienced and qualified at keeping bees, I was a complete novice at running a business and when I sat and thought about it, it was clear that these skills are equally important if I was going to be able to grow a hobby into a business. That is where X Forces came in and after attending their 6 day course I gained vital skills in financial planning, managing assets and marketing. More importantly, I learnt where to go to find financial support and gained several mentors who have supported me since the course ended. I am now going into my first real trading year with a lot more confidence and with great ongoing support.”

John Geden, Sinah Common Honey

“X-Forces Business Experience gave me the tools and more importantly the confidence to turn a pipe dream into reality. Last year I was diagnosed and treated for cancer, which is now in remission. Time recovering gave me the opportunity to pick up my crafts again after quite a long time, and before I knew it, I thought this would be my dream job! Be careful what you wish for!  Four months after attending my first day on the course I am juggling making, marketing and selling handmade and bespoke cards and gifts, not having ‘days off’ and more importantly LOVING IT!  I have a part time job which will bring in regular money, but the crafts and cards are now in a shop, my income has increased massively, as has my potential customer base.”

Donna Price, Harpur Creations

“X – Forces gave a realistic and honest insight as to what running your own business is like, something that is paramount for guys that are in my position leaving the forces. Ren and the team that delivered the course at Tedworth house were incredibly good in their delivery and everybody on the course got a great deal out of it. That made things clear and easy to understand. They gave great advice and help in makings solid steps and actions going forwards.”

Louis Nethercott, Project Latitude

For more information on eligibility and registering your interest, click the button below.


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