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Power of Three

To effectively support the Armed Forces community in Enterprise X-Forces has brought together key players from Government, Charity and Corporates.

Each of these stakeholders play a crucial role on an individual’s journey through enterprise learning, development and ongoing support for sustainability.

Through knowledge exchange, supply chain diversity, mentoring and training support; Big Business has demonstrated positive impact on start-ups and scale-ups, putting another dimension on CSR².
The X-Forces scheme is a fantastic programme. The skills that Service personnel can bring to business are a great asset to the UK and it is important that they have every chance to start their own firm; or to contribute to the growth of existing firms. Initiatives like X-Forces celebrate and help to grow our national entrepreneurial spirit, which will play a crucial role in driving our return to long-term economic growth.

Lord Young


X-Forces and CISCO

A corporate member since 2014, CISCO have supported knowledge exchange between industry experts and X-Forces Businesses.

X-Forces and Landmarc Support Services

Landmarc Support Services is part of the Interserve Group, which has established firm links with the Armed Forces through a decade of support across the MoD National Training Estate, and supported X-Forces by becoming one of the first Corporate Members. In doing so they have committed to helping members of the Armed Forces community to start-up and grow businesses when they leave the services.

X-Forces and NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland & Holt's Military Banking

A Corporate Member of X-Forces since 2015, NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland/Holt's Military Banking family have proactively supported X-Forces’ and more importantly, our X-Forces Business Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

X-Forces and Kilfrost

A Corporate Member of X-Forces since 2015, Kilfrost's CEO and Royal Navy Veteran Gary Lydiate sits on the X-Forces Board as a Non-Executive Director.

X-Forces and The Military Mutual

A Corporate Member of X-Forces since June 2017, The Military Mutual (TMM) are focussed on supporting veterans who have transitioned out of the services who are either considering, or have set up their own businesses. They provide a bespoke small business and commercial insurance underwriting service that caters for the specific needs of start-ups and small businesses.

X-Forces and Curzon & Company

A Corporate Member of X-Forces since October 2017, Curzon & Company are proactively supporting X-Forces by providing ongoing consultancy support to the X-Forces leadership team across a number of key areas such as growth strategy and execution plans, as well as helping steer and optimise organisational and operational development on a pro bono basis.


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